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For many people, using social media is merely part of their day-to-day life. For others, it is an essential part of building their brand. With so much time spent online, you want your avatar to express your personality in ways that a normal photo doesn’t.

Similar to a brand’s logo, having an appealing pic for profile (PFP) can help them grab attention and build followers. If you want something more creative to express who you are than your average selfie, you might consider choosing an aesthetic cartoon PFP.  There are tons available for download online.

What is a Cartoon PFP?

Although they are typically seen on TikTok, cartoon PFPs can be used on any social media network. A cartoon PFP, or profile picture, is a type of a user’s avatar typically created using an online generator. PFPs are often the default photo for a user’s account.

Users can also use their own images, such as photos from their phones, to help create their avatar. Choosing a cartoon PFP is often a better way to showcase your personality without the limitations that come with using realistic images and photos. Using an app or downloading from one of the many websites, you can often change your avatar for free.

If you consider yourself an influencer, or you merely like cartoons and want to jazz up your profile picture, a cartoon PFP can do the trick. People who follow you will be more inclined to share your page, thereby, expanding your influence.

What Are Types of Cartoon PFP?

There are many types of cartoon PFP to fit the vastly different preferences and personalities of the people who use them. The following are types of cartoon PFPs available:

  • Aesthetic PFPs
  • Anime PFPs
  • Cartoon PFPs
  • Funny or Inspirational Signs PFPs
  • Movie or TV Character PFPs
  • Music or Band PFPs
  • Pretty Backgrounds PFPs
  • Sports Figures PFPs
  • Video Game PFPs

In reality, the types of cartoon PFP backgrounds available are limited only to the creativity of the users and the creators of the software used. Plus, there are innovative changes regularly occurring. This means that tomorrow, there will likely be more options to choose from than there are today.

Where Can You Find Cartoon PFP?

The internet is a treasure trove of funny cartoons, but sometimes you can’t find what you’re seeking. Fortunately, there are several ways you can find the PFP right for you. 

Typical places you can find cartoon PFPs include Pinterest and companies like Redbubble. Plus, you could download a PFP app to peruse many different designs. Some designs are free, and others charge a small fee.

You can conduct a quick Google search of the cartoon you want to use for your PFP, such as Marvel, Pokemon, or Super Mario. You could also choose to hire a freelance artist to design a personalized cartoon based on your specifications.